Going Pain Free Using AI for Contract Analysis, Creation and Negotiation

Business units continually put pressure on procurement to accelerate the RFP and contracting process. What if you could eliminate the painful redlining back and forth during contract analysis, creation and negotiation? ContractAI allows procurement to start the contract process in parallel to the RFP process and dramatically cut down the painful negotiation back and forth while reducing contracting risk.

In this webinar you will learn how ContractAI:

  • Streamlines Negotiation Process
  • Mitigates Contract Risk
  • Uses AI-Powered Contracting Insights
  • Minimizes Contracting friction
  • Reduce contracting time by as much as 80% WHILE reducing contracting risk

With COVID19 impacting us all, doing more with less, faster, and more efficiently is key for all procurement organizations. ContractAI can also identify which of your vendors are likely to exercise Force Majeure clauses and ContractAI can assess the consequences of contractual defaults AUTOMATICALLY. Please contact us if you’d like to understand your exposures today!

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