AI-First Contract Analysis, Creation & Negotiation System

ContractAI outperforms other contract analysis and authoring tools because it’s the only solution on the market built on an Enterprise-grade AI platform.

How it Works

The App Orchid AI platform combines structured and unstructured data with tribal knowledge to help build powerful apps.

The power of App Orchid’s IP is in the automatically generated knowledge graphs that learn over time.

What Makes AO Platform Better?

Tribal Knowledge

Easily capture user experience/tacit knowledge to prevent loss of expertise and improve insights, predictions and recommendations

Industry & Functional Knowledge Graphs

Built with risk mitigation in mind, ontologies that jumpstart your AI initiative and learn your business over time

Seamless & Non-Disruptive

Build AI powered predictive apps in as little as 6-12 weeks with no replacement of systems and no coding

Intuitive Q&A Framework

Simple Q&A framework is so intuitive, it requires no training

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