AI-First Contract Analysis, Creation & Negotiation

ContractAI outperforms other contract analysis and authoring tools because it’s the only solution on the market built on an Enterprise-grade AI Platform.

ContractAI thinks like “legal” and “procurement”, enabled by App Orchid’s powerful underlying “Knowledge Graph”

Key ContractAI Features

Ability to ingest a wide array of templates and documents PDFs, OCRs, PowerPoints, Emails, Web Assets, etc. AUTOMATICALLY

Easily analyze negotiation boundaries, legal and compliance implications, obligation intents etc. not possible with traditional analytics software

Historical contracts and templates are analyzed and a bespoke template including clause options is created based on terms that have proven to be historically win-win

Machine Learning is leveraged to provide insights into evolving behavior patterns that are then used to improve the contract template, terms, structure, language and clause options 

Ability to identify missing terms and pre-requisites, such as negotiation boundaries, policy transgressions, material changes, clause and template similarity, obligation exposures, etc.

Search functionality that understands concepts and topics, not just keyword or string searches

Assigns a fixed monetary or points value to each vendor to spend on choices based on the expected value/risk to buyer

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