ContractAI is an AI-powered Contract Analysis, Creation and Negotiation solution built on the App Orchid AI platform.

The Procurement Dilemma

ContractAI is an AI-powered SaaS-based solution that automates and streamlines the analysis, creation and negotiation of contracts. ContractAI utilizes AI to automatically ingest and analyze historical contracts to author templates based on terms that were proven win-win. Use ContractAI to help you easily understand negotiation boundaries, legal and compliance implications, obligation intents and permissible thresholds, so you can make better contracting decisions.

App Orchid, with its AI capabilities that automate parts of the contract cycle, is a great example of BP using new ideas from smaller companies to increase effectiveness and efficiency in an agile way. BP has scale while companies like App Orchid have more agility and ideas of what’s possible with emerging technologies, and co-venturing brings together the best of both worlds.

Reduce contracting time by as much as 80% WHILE reducing contracting risk.

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